Sephora Sale

It's sale time at Sephora! Twice a year I look forward to the Beauty Insider Sale (Nov. 10-15). Depending on how much you spend at Sephora in a year will determine how much you will save. First things first, if you like makeup and like Sephora, you should definitely be a beauty insider! This means you give Sephora a little info. about yourself and when you shop, you earn points that you can redeem for samples, plus a little birthday gift too. By being able to try things I normally wouldn't, I have found some pretty awesome beauty products this way (hello Kat VonD foundation!). You're going to save a minimum of 15%, 20% for the shoppers that spend a little more in a year. 

With that being said, I want to share with you the things I put on my shopping list for this sale. It's a little hard to decide what to buy, considering it's a great time to buy anything at Sephora when you can save on prestige brands. 

Sephora Makeup and Skincare Products

1. BeautyBlender Sponge $20- You can't go wrong with this purchase. I love these sponges! I have tried other brands in the past and the OG is still my favorite. Lately, I've been favoring my hands to apply my foundation (I used to do this all the time when I was younger and for some reason got out of the habit), but applying my concealer with a sponge is still the way to go. Pictured is the new 'nude' color and I love it. This is the color I want to try next (because it will blend well with the products I use). 

2. BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser $16- If you have the BeautyBlender sponge, you might as well get the soap. I really do like this soap. When I'm cheap and lazy I use a regular bar of soap to clean my sponges but I do like the packaging of this and I like how it cleans.

3. Proraso Beard Oil $16- So the first time I ordered this (yes ordered, I had never smelled it before purchasing) I took a risk. My husband started using beard oils a few years back and I wanted to find him a good one. I read reviews on Sephora of people that had used this oil before and they only said good things about it. I took a chance and ended up loving this oil. My husband really likes it so I keep on buying it. The scent is hard to describe, it's sweet but still musky? If you have a man in your life with a beard, go to Sephora and give it a smell. I've been tempted to dab it on my wrists and wear it as perfume. Yup, it's that good. 

4. Lavanila Deodorant $14- I have always wanted to try this product and what better time than when it's on sale. I've been loyal to my Tom's deodorant for a while and would like to try something new. Sale tip: try something you've always wanted to but never have. It's a little less money to shell out for something that you're not 100% on (but I'm crossing my fingers on this one!). 

5. Fenty Foundation $34- If you've read the reviews on this foundation, you know then that it's everyones latest obsession. Beauty lines by celebrities are a tricky thing. I wasn't sure how this would pan out, but clearly, Rihanna knew what she was doing. This foundation is ah-mazing. I was able to get a sample of it from my last Sephora order and was truly impressed by it. My recommendation: buy it.