The Pom Pom

Easy and Delicious Cocktail Recipe

Between the amazing images and tasty drink, this may be my favorite post so far. First, the title "The Pom Pom", so cute right? I did not create this beverage nor did I give it its' name. All the credit for that goes to the creator of Living Lark. It's a website dedicated to delicious cocktails. Kate is the voice behind it, she's so wonderful and fun. Make sure you follow Living Lark on Instagram

Let's get down to business. I didn't intend to blog again so soon after my last post (did you read it? Click here for details). But when I opened my email and saw these gorgeous photos, I had to! Keeping these to myself would just be selfish. 

Easy and Delicious Cocktail Recipe

My intent for this post was to give you a fun holiday drink to make, something tasty and easy. I browsed Living Lark's site for something that would meet these requirements. I came upon The Pom Pom. What's great about this is you can either make a single (or double serving) really easily or try the gallon size if it's for a party. 

I made two single servings. I served the drink over ice cubes frozen with pomegranate seeds. It was just as I hoped, delicious, not too sweet, a pretty color perfect for a holiday gathering and simple to make.

Easy and Delicious Cocktail Recipe

One thing I didn't do, I didn't use the New Holland Clockwork Orange Liqueur. It was quicker for me to grab Gran Marnier from the store. But I want to try it for next time because you know I'm making this again!

For the complete recipe: click this link 



Photo credit: Betsy Schipper Photography