New Year: Looking Back

Resolutions? No, let's talk fun and not perfection.

I never intended to write a post about 2017, with the new year coming. I was going to happily slip into 2018 without fuss. But then, I didn't want that to happen. Even if no one reads this post, or if they do and it doesn't affect them in the least, I want to do it for myself. I want to take this almost obligatory time to reflect on the past year. 

For me, it's easy to think about what didn't change in 2017. It may seem sad or morose, but it's true. Some of that reason is because of what's been on my heart and mind. Things I've carried for years, and those situations remain (have remained) the same. Let's just say I have learned patience. Wanting more, wanting better, and sometimes not getting it (I'll stop complaining soon, I promise).

But then I looked at my phone. Technology gets a bad rap, and for good reason. It's all consuming, it has invaded most areas of our lives. Yes there are many things wrong with it, but then there are many things right too. I looked at the camera roll on my phone, scrolling through photos. This was my highlight reel. I seriously forgot about all the amazing things that happened this year. I forgot because I was focusing on what didn’t happen, situations that felt stagnant.

This summer, I was lucky enough to spend a weekend away with all my high school friends in Traverse City. Now that was a fantastic weekend. There was never a quiet moment in that house, because all we did was talk talk talk, laugh and eat. It was perfect.

I played with lots of makeup, and did makeup for many women. We spent weekends at my Grandma's cottage, playing card game after card game. Shockingly we only went to one Cub's game but it was a fun game! I practically lived at Dutch Village (in Holland, MI) this summer. And I'm not mad about that. On August 4, my five year wedding anniversary, I got my first tattoo. On my ring finger. I was a total baby about it too! 

This is all to say that looking back on the past year, it's not about ignoring the bad, or forgetting the good. It's about it all. It's always about it all. I'll continue to practice (and ask for) patience, for those things on my heart. I'm sure you have those things too. Things you want to change, to get better. You're almost sick of thinking of what hasn't changed. I get that.

But then take a moment and look at your camera roll, or your Instagram account. Let yourself be reminded of those times in the sun, of loving on your kids (or nieces and nephews), of those moments where you didn't think and just did. Catching up with your lifelong friends over wine in Traverse City and then staying up literally almost all night just talking and...laughing.