Good Goodbyes

We slept at our house for the first time on Sunday night. We had most of our things moved at that point (including our bed). I joked with Matt that day that I would prefer to sleep at our rental instead. Before we even found this house, the idea of moving to something we would call our own was something I couldn’t wait for. I thought about it all the time. So many good things would, and are coming from, owning our own place again. But once it came down to it, it felt slightly uncomfortable. The house doesn't feel like home yet.

A couple days later, I went back to our rental to tidy things up. There were some boxes and things left there, along with some cleaning and painting I wanted to get done. I started the day with not enough sleep, but was ready to work as I had a big day ahead of me. It was around 11 or so that I didn’t feel quite right. I was tired, yes, but also being pregnant, things catch up with me quicker. My body felt off. I decided to lie down for a bit. Albeit we had no furniture there, but I walked upstairs to the bedroom, and lay down right where my pillow used to be.

Thank goodness I was able to doze off for a few minutes. After I came to, I heard the mail truck. I thought, “Huh, they’re early today”. I could hear my neighbors going about their normal actives. The traffic outside was constant and familiar. The way the sun came in the bedroom window felt predictably normal. It was then, lying on the floor, feeling a little bit sore at this point, that I started thinking about our time there. I couldn’t help but get emotional.

We never intended on renting for as long as we did. And life had a funny way (as it always does) of continuing on whether we approved or not. I thought about how I finished my bachelor’s degree in that place, making coffee sometimes at midnight (yes my poor body!) to get my work completed. I worked for Clinique, meeting some amazing women and having fun playing with makeup and skincare again. Nienhuis Painting continued to grow and expand during that time. On our fifth wedding anniversary, I got my first tattoo, on my ring finger. And best of all, I’m walking away from that place with a baby in my belly. I never thought that would happen (did you read my post talking about baby? Click here).

The home buying process felt quick. From putting in the offer, to having an accepted offer and signing the final paperwork. Nienhuis Painting was in the thick of a very busy spring season. We juggled working, moving (how did we accumulate so much stuff?!) and refinishing the floors at the house. Because of this, I was glad to have one last day at our rental. I was feeling intensely grateful for being able to call that place home, and also relieved that we were able to move out and move on. I truly didn’t think I would get sentimental about leaving. I never fully embraced living there and yet, here I am wishing I could sleep just one more night in our room, right where my pillow used to be.

I would love to hear your experiences with moving. Is there a house you were particularly attached to? Things you could relate to in this post? Please leave a comment below, I would love to read your story!