meet laura

Welcome to Back to Burgundie. My name is Laura. Let me share a few details about me, with you. So you know who is behind this keyboard typing away at you.

I live in the Midwest, surrounded by the Great Lakes. I recently turned 30, am married to a beard-loving, baseball-obsessed man. I love spending time with my adorable nieces, am a regular at Taco Bell (bean burrito fresco style please) and can always justify a makeup purchase. 

I was a tomboy growing up and have turned into a full-fledged beauty junkie. At 15, I started working in the beauty industry. Who knew work could be so much fun?! My goal with this site is to share all things makeup & skincare, with fashion/travel/lifestyle mixed in. I'm a fan of all different makeup brands, but I will always be partial to Clinique, as I have worked for them in two different department stores. I know the most about this brand and truly love it. 

What are your favorite beauty brands and products? I'm always on the look-out for new things to try. Leave a comment on my Instagram and let me know! 




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